May station line-up changes

This coming week will some changes to the station line-up on our Portsmouth DAB multiplex. We say goodbye to Cheesy FM and News Radio UK. You can continue listening to these stations online at and We wish these stations well. We maintain a flexible relationship with our services, so if a station wants to leave, we don’t force them to stay.

As a result of the departure of Cheesy FM, News Radio UK and Unforgettable Radio, we have the capacity to add new services to our Portsmouth DAB multiplex.

Back by popular demand, 60s is returning to DAB+ digital radio. The station relaunches at 9am on Saturday 20th May. Tune in for nothing but the fabulous Swinging 60s!


Another station returning to DAB+ digital radio is Sleepyhead Radio, a radio station of continuous soothing sounds from home and nature that are designed to help babies drift off to sleep.

There will also be three more stations launching this month on our multiplex, but as they have not made their arrival public yet, we don’t want to steal their thunder!

Finally, Gaydio will become a DAB+ service this week, it’ll result in an improvement to the sound quality, and the station being available in stereo. Older radios have difficulty receiving DAB+, so to ensure you can continue listening to Gaydio, make sure you have a DAB+ radio. Simply look for the DAB+ logo or green digital radio tick mark to be sure of a radio that supports DAB+.



2 thoughts on “May station line-up changes”

  1. Please can you arrange for the return of Unforgettable Radio on the local DAB multiplex in Portsmouth as the format of this station is irreplaceable and no longer available on new car radios and in on portable DAB radios. It was a big mistake to now confine this station only to those with internet connection equipment. Can you also bring this to the attention of the management of Unforgettable Radio as I believe the termination of DAB broadcasting was a wrong decision.

    1. Hi Nick. We can’t force stations to be on our multiplex. We suggest you contact Unforgettable Radio yourself and let them know how you feel.

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