Major transmitter work

On the evening of Monday 4th April 2022 we will be relocating our transmitter at Fort Widley. For the last six years we have been broadcasting from the rooftop of Fort Widley. From Monday we will move to the main transmission mast at Fort Widley. Although we do not anticipate a major change to our coverage area, we would be interested in any feedback from listeners as to whether coverage is better, worse or the same.

We also have a new telecoms link installed at the transmission site at Fort Widley. This will help improve the reliability of our transmissions too.

To facilitate all of the above, we will turn off the Fort Widley transmitter at 19:00 on Monday 4th April 2022 up until Midnight – although we hope to keep the outage to a minimum. Transmissions from our Leigh Park transmitter will continue to broadcast unaffected.

Fort Widley Main Mast