RedTrain Express has now launched

The RedTrain Express has officially launched on the Local DAB multiplex in Portsmouth after a week of testing.

The RedTrain Express, from the Jazz UK, has transformed from an online stream to DAB radio station. The RedTrain Express being 1 of 3 jazz streams available via

The RedTrain Express is a predominantly 21st Century Jazz radio station – which will include some music that is very rarely played on UK radio. Each day features a fusion hour – where jazz gets loud; specialist “challenging” jazz hours along with well-known artists such as Annie Lennox, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse.

They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

RedTrain Express

2 thoughts on “RedTrain Express has now launched”

  1. I think Red Train Express should also include 20th century jazz as this is the roots of 2lst century jazz and the connection should not be ignored.

    1. Hi Nick, we only transmit stations such as RedTrain Express. We don’t run them. If you have feedback about their content, you should get in touch with them directly. Their website is

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