Changes to our line-up

In the new year, there will be some changes to our DAB line-up. On 31st December, say goodbye to JACK, JACK 2 and JACK 3. The owners of the JACK stations have decided to concentrate their energy on their national station Union JACK, and are launching a new second national station next month. We wish them well with their ventures. One of the advantages for broadcasters who wish to broadcast on our Portsmouth DAB digital radio multiplex is that we are more flexible than traditional transmission providers.

Later in January 2018, we will launch Metal Meyhem Radio. This will be the first time a (legal) heavy metal format radio station has been broadcast on terrestrial radio in the UK. Based in the South Coast, the station will be perfect for fans of hard rock and metal, and will showcase the best local acts.

Two more stations will also launch in January 2018, but for now details are under wraps. When the stations are ready to go public, we’ll let you know.

Finally, fans of 100% Dragon Hits may have noticed a recent improvement in sound quality as a result of a technical change to the way the station is broadcast.