RedTrain Express now testing

RedTrain Express

RedTrain Express, a jazz service from The Jazz UK has started testing on DAB digital radio to the Portsmouth area. We hope to reveal more information about the launch details due course.

In other news, we have closed the Information Channel to make way for this exciting new service.

Update (11/10/15): The RedTrain Express is still testing. Final tweaks will be undertaken on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th October which may mean the service is interrupted for a period of time or times. The official service launch is 15th October, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “RedTrain Express now testing”

  1. Another station for a specific audience, but we still do not have a classic pop station in Portsmouth, a big miss, so how about it?

    1. Hi Keith. As we said in a reply to a comment from you the other day, it may be worth approaching services or radio groups that provide stations specialising in music from the 60s and 70s to ask them why they aren’t interested in broadcasting to Portsmouth or the wider Solent area. It may be that if there is enough demand they might reconsider their position!

      1. Thanks for the reply, i missed the other one. I am no radio expert and don’t know who i should contact. Did these stations apply to you guys to broadcast or did you approach them?

        1. Hi Keith. To answer your question, a mixture of us approaching stations and them approaching us. We did the owners of stations such as Gold and Absolute 60s, but they were not interested in joining our service at this time.

          As things stand, with the addition of RedTrain Express we now have a full line-up of services. However it may be possible to add further stations in the future.

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