Our Coverage Map

Using our transmitters at Fort Widley and Leigh Park, we broadcast our services to the Portsmouth area on DAB digital radio.

Please note this is a computer prediction, and in reality there will be some locations where reception is, or is not, possible, despite the map indicating the opposite. We do not offer any guarantee of coverage, and this map is provided without any warranty.

Estimated indoor adult (aged 15+) population coverage: 282,131

Tips to improve indoor reception:

  • Ensure your radio’s aerial is fully extended
  • Try placing your radio near a window that faces Portsdown Hill
  • Keep your radio away from other sources of interference, especially those that send/receive Wi-Fi signals.

Tips to improve outdoor/in-car reception:

  • If possible use a properly installed roof mounted aerial – these provide the best reception
  • If it is not possible to permanently install a roof aerial, try using a magnetic roof aerial
  • Internal/stick on window aerials generally provide inferior reception

General notes:

  • Some radios are more sensitive than others.
  • A good quality aerial has a better chance of reception than a poor quality one.
  • The coverage map is only a prediction. We do not guarantee any coverage either indoors or outdoors.
  • We are looking at ways of improving coverage within the Portsmouth area, however we do not intent to extend our total coverage area beyond where we currently broadcast to.
  • We’ve found some dash-cams and devices plugged into 12v sockets can cause interference in-car. Consider moving these if possible.

To listen to the services we are broadcasting to Portsmouth, you’ll need to rescan your radio. To rescan your radio, most radio sets have an ‘Autotune’ or ‘Scan’ button, which you press to do this. If you don’t have such a button, you may find this option in the menu.

Remember, older DAB digital radio sets (especially those manufactured before 2007) may require a ‘Full Autotune’ or a ‘Rest of World’ scan to find our services. To do this, simply hold down your Autotune or Scan button for 5 or 6 seconds. If this does not work please refer to the manual of your radio.

If your radio has a manual tune feature, our frequency is 7D (194.064MHz).