The Flash goes DAB+ only from 2017

The Flash

Are you DAB+ ready? Local classic rock and blues station, The Flash, becomes a DAB+ only service from 2017. This means that older DAB digital radios will no longer be able to tune in to the station. Right now, we’re broadcasting The Flash in both classic DAB and DAB+.

If your radio supports DAB+, look for Flash + in your station list. If you can tune it in and hear audio – great! Your radio supports DAB+. If you can only see Flash in the station list or Flash + is silent, then unfortunately your radio is not DAB+ compatible.

The good news is that most in-car radios, and most modern digital radios are DAB+ compatible. Look for the DAB+ logo or green digital tick mark to be certain of a radio that supports DAB+.
dabplus     DR_Tick_Eng_RGB