Angel Radio celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Portsmouth DAB multiplex

Today, Wednesday 19th August 2020, marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of the Portsmouth DAB multiplex. Operated by Angel Radio under the Solent Wireless brand, the multiplex launched as part of a nine month Ofcom trial to examine the practical aspects of DAB multiplexes being operated by smaller broadcasters at a lower cost than traditional DAB multiplexes, using open source software. The trial has subsequently been extended numerous times resulting in the Portsmouth licence being extended to the end of 2021, while other small scale multiplexes will have the opportunity to apply for long term licences later this year.

Launching initially with 6 local services, the line-up has evolved. Today there are 26 services broadcasting on the Portsmouth DAB multiplex, comprising a mixture of community, small and established commercial broadcasters. 

2 more services have been announced as joining the Portsmouth DAB multiplex line-up today. 

Aspen Waite Radio will be a service launching soon from accountancy firm Aspen Waite featuring a daring mix of indie, rock and business related speech.
Launching on 1st October, Christmas Radio will play festive Christmas hits all day every day until the end of the year.

To celebrate the occasion, Angel Radio’s Digital Development Manager, Ash Elford, will lead a live stream on Facebook at 20:00 taking a look at the progress of the Portsmouth DAB multiplex from the original licence application up to the current day, plus a look ahead to the future.

Anyone interested in watching the live stream can view it at
The Solent Wireless website features contributions from those involved in Portsmouth DAB multiplex as well as other notable figures within the industry celebrating the progress made over the last five years.