Cosoro Radio joins our multiplex

Today we’ve added Cosoro Radio to our Portsmouth DAB+ digital radio multiplex. Featuring music and speech that celebrates Afrobeats, African artists and entertainment, we are delighted that another new format is now available on terrestrial radio in the Portsmouth area.

In other news, 100% Dragon Hits and 100% Whatever have been removed from the multiplex. We wish them well for their future endeavours.

New station update

Two new stations are now broadcasting on our DAB+ digital radio multiplex to the Portsmouth area.

Launching on 1st October, Little Radio is a radio station for small children playing their favourite songs, nursery rhymes and speech from leading children’s entertainers.

Although Christmas is still 12 weeks away, fans of Christmas can get themselves in the festive mood right now with Christmas Angel from Angel Radio. Christmas Angel plays Christmas classics from yesteryear.

An apology

Please accept our apologies this week for the outages we’ve had with our transmissions. On Tuesday our transmitter was off for much of the day due to an internet fault that occurred as a result of the bad weather first thing Tuesday morning.

Today our transmitter was on severely reduced power for much of the day to a fault. We’ve made a repair and things are back to normal.

We do our very best to keep things working as they should, but unfortunately we have not had much luck this week. Thank you for your patience during these outages.

Station changes

There have been a number of changes to our station line-up.

On Saturday we said goodbye to Metal Meyhem Radio. The station has decided to come off our Portsmouth DAB multiplex to focus on their Brighton DAB+ coverage and online. We wish them well.

This morning we have added Goldmine. Goldmine are a service that play classic hits from the 1950s to 1980s. To listen to them, rescan your DAB+ radio now.

In other news, The Breeze and Sam FM have converted from DAB to DAB+. This means that older radios may not be able to receive these stations. If you don’t have a DAB+ radio you can buy one from around £20 – just look for the green Digital Radio Tick Mark or DAB+ logo. Failing that, the stations are still broadcast on 107.4 and 106.0 FM respectively.


Finally, stay tuned for further updates as we have two more stations planned to launch very soon.


Mango Vibe have today changed their name to Atmosphere.Radio. The name should change automatically as soon as you tune in to Mango Vibe (or any of the other services we’re broadcasting).

Atmosphere.Radio is still the home of dance music, they’ve simply changed their name to avoid confusion with soap, hair dressers, food and other items associated with the old name.