Mango Vibe is first UK radio station to launch dedicated Apple tvOS App

Mango Vibe tv

Mango Vibe, the dance music radio station available on DAB digital radio in the Portsmouth area, has today launched the first tvOS app for a UK Radio Station.

The app allows users of the new Apple TV to stream the radio station and see what’s playing and what is coming up next in high quality.

Robbie Harrison, Programme Director said “This is an exciting moment in the development of this new radio station and will allow us to reach a much larger audience through this exciting new platform. Mango Vibe launched in August and we are working hard on our digital strategy to ensure we stay ahead of the game. ”

The app was written by Ben Matthew and went from conception to sale in less than 8 hours. He said “It’s great that we were able to work together to develop this app in record speed. At Mango Vibe we’ve concentrated on abstracting content and platform which has helped us be digitally agnostic. Apple have also created a great ecosystem that meant delivering the Mango Vibe tvOS app was really straightforward”

As well as being available to the Portsmouth area on DAB digital radio and the UK through the new TV app, Mango Vibe is also available online at

The Flash shines a light on local talent

Presenter Kev Ellis from The Flash
Kev Ellis on The Flash

A community radio station which has been spotlighting talented local bands and songwriters in south Hampshire since 2012 by mixing their songs in with it’s format of classic rock & blues, is now searching for talent of a different kind.

‘The Flash’, which is broadcasting to the Portsmouth area on DAB as part of an experiment by communications regulator Ofcom, is looking for new volunteer presenters to join it’s on air team. Station founder Martin Kirby said “You don’t need any experience in radio or a certain type of voice to join the Flash team. All we require is a love of classic rock or blues and an interest in the live music scene in and around Portsmouth”. “Full training is given and new presenters record their first shows in our studio with another member of our team operating the studio equipment, so no one is thrown in the deep end”.

Flash fan Martin Rogers, 58, from Milton in Portsmouth asked to join the station shortly after hearing test transmissions on his DAB radio back in August and now presents a weekly show on Saturday evenings. He said “I cannot quite believe that I’m a DJ like my hero John Peel, and get to play my favourite music to the people of my home town Portsmouth!”.

Specialist programmes are broadcast in the evenings and they even have a weekly space rock show, presented by Portsmouth musician Kev Ellis.

The Flash can be heard on DAB digital radio in Portsmouth and the surrounding area and anywhere via it’s website. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer presenter can e-mail ‘’.

JACK is back – and they’ve brought JACK 2 along with them!

jackjack2We’re pleased to report that as from this afternoon we now have audio on both JACK and JACK 2. Those who are eagle eared may have notice sporadic testing over the past couple of weeks, however, audio should now be present full time on both services.

To listen to JACK, JACK 2 and the other nine services we are broadcasting to Portsmouth, you’ll need to rescan your radio. To rescan your radio, most radio sets have an ‘Autotune’ or ‘Scan’ button, which you press to do this. If you don’t have such a button, you may find this option in the menu.

Remember, older DAB digital radio sets (especially those manufactured before 2007) may require a ‘Full Autotune’ or a ‘Rest of World’ scan to find our services. To do this, simply hold down your Autotune or Scan button for 5 or 6 seconds. If this does not work please refer to the manual of your radio.


RedTrain Express has now launched

The RedTrain Express has officially launched on the Local DAB multiplex in Portsmouth after a week of testing.

The RedTrain Express, from the Jazz UK, has transformed from an online stream to DAB radio station. The RedTrain Express being 1 of 3 jazz streams available via

The RedTrain Express is a predominantly 21st Century Jazz radio station – which will include some music that is very rarely played on UK radio. Each day features a fusion hour – where jazz gets loud; specialist “challenging” jazz hours along with well-known artists such as Annie Lennox, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse.

They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

RedTrain Express

RedTrain Express now testing

RedTrain Express

RedTrain Express, a jazz service from The Jazz UK has started testing on DAB digital radio to the Portsmouth area. We hope to reveal more information about the launch details due course.

In other news, we have closed the Information Channel to make way for this exciting new service.

Update (11/10/15): The RedTrain Express is still testing. Final tweaks will be undertaken on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th October which may mean the service is interrupted for a period of time or times. The official service launch is 15th October, enjoy!

Chris Country

Chris Country

We’re delighted to announce that Chris Country will be joining our line-up of stations broadcasting on DAB digital radio to the Portsmouth area.

From next week, fans of country music will be able to listen to the best in new and classic country music from the USA and UK.

Don’t forget the retune your DAB digital radio to store Chris Country in your station list.

New additions from Gaydio and RedTrain Express


We’re pleased to announce that Gaydio has started testing this evening on our Portsmouth DAB mini-multiplex. This means if you rescan your DAB digital radio, and you live in the Portsmouth area, you’ll find the station added to the station list of your radio.

Gaydio will launch with normal programming soon. Gaydio is the world’s largest LGB&T radio station, and already broadcasts on DAB digital radio in major cities in the UK (London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Brighton). We are pleased to be able to bring their unique programming to the Portsmouth area.

To rescan your radio, most radio sets have an ‘Autotune’ or ‘Scan’ button, which you press to do this. If you don’t have such a button, you may find this option in the menu.

Remember, older DAB digital radio sets (especially those manufactured before 2007) may require a ‘Full Autotune’ or a ‘Rest of World’ scan to find our services. To do this, simply hold down your Autotune or Scan button for 5 or 6 seconds. If this does not work please refer to the manual of your radio.

Later in October, we will add RedTrain Express from The Jazz UK to our DAB mini-multiplex. RedTrain Express will feature 21st Century Jazz, Funk and Fusion. We’ll let you know when test commence.

We hope to announce further additional DAB digital radio services for the Portsmouth area over the coming days.

A progress update from us

It’s been nearly a month since we started broadcasting our new DAB digital radio services to the City of Portsmouth as part of an Ofcom trial. One of the objectives of this trial is to see how small scale broadcasters manage with technical side of DAB transmission.

Listeners may have noticed that Express FM on DAB has been a little quieter than other DAB services. We are pleased to report that today improvements have been made to the link from Express FM to our DAB transmitter which has resulted in the audio of Express FM being a similar level to our other services.

Listeners of The Flash may have noticed that over the last week there have been several outages to their DAB service over the last few days. We have replaced their encoder (a box which sends their audio from their studio to us) with a new encoder, which should improve reliability.

Finally, we hope that JAMM Radio will be able to finally commence DAB broadcasting within the next week.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments.

The Flash
The Flash

New DAB digital radio services launch in Portsmouth

New DAB digital radio services for the City of Portsmouth launched this morning as part of ground breaking trial, licensed by broadcast and telecoms regulator Ofcom. The purpose of the trial is to test the feasibility of small scale DAB digital radio broadcasting to individual towns and cities, and Portsmouth is one of just ten locations in the country to be chosen.

Six stations are taking part in the trial, led by Havant based Angel Radio. If the nine month trial proves successful it will lead to the licensing of long term broadcasts.

The new services available on DAB digital radio to Portsmouth are:

ANGELxtra – A spin off service from Angel Radio broadcasting dance band music from the 1920s to 1950s by day with vintage easy listening music by night.

Express FM – Passionately Portsmouth, the popular local community radio service is now available on DAB digital radio, featuring great music, talk, and live Portsmouth FC commentary.

The Flash – An alternative to pop music, with a diet of classic rock, blues and tracks from local bands with studios based in Havant.

Mango Vibe – A dance music service aimed at young adults playing upfront music and specialist dance programming.

100% Hits Triple Radio – A service aimed at those too old for Radio 1, but too young for Radio 2 playing a mixture of familiar current and classic hits.

JAMM Radio – The student station of Highbury College, JAMM Radio plays chart hits and guilty pleasures with programmes made for students by students.

To find these new services, listeners will first need to perform a one-off ‘autotune’ on their DAB digital radio. Once an autotune has been performed, the new stations can then be found by searching for the name of the station in the station list.*

A website about the project has been established at and an Information Channel will also provide periodic updates for listeners. It will be possible to receive the new DAB signal for the six new services within the City of Portsmouth and parts of Portchester, Havant, Hayling Island and Gosport. Transmission services are being provided by Hampshire based Commtronix, who have installed the transmitter at Highbury College’s iconic Tower building in Portsmouth.

Station Director of Express FM, Cheryl Buggy said:
“Like Angel radio, we are one of the longest running community stations in the country, with our third licence term recently approved by Ofcom, and Express is proudly ‘Passionately Portsmouth’, based as we are in the heart of the city. Our listenership is strong both on FM and online, and is growing steadily, especially with regards to our Portsmouth FC coverage, so to be able to add a digital choice to our repertoire is bound to be a bonus. It’s also great to be part of a pioneering venture, as our partnership in this trial is one of a select few in the country.”

Media Programme Manager at Highbury College, Kara Hall said:
“We are so excited to be part of this ground breaking venture. JAMM radio is a station run by young people, for young people. More and more people are choosing to listen to radio online and through DAB so this will give us the chance to reach even more young people in Portsmouth. Our aim is to entertain and inform 14 to 19 year olds with fantastic music and young presenters who understand the issues that teenagers face. This is an amazing opportunity not just for us but for the whole community of Portsmouth. We are excited to have the only Further Education College student radio station participating in the trial.”

Founder of The Flash, Martin Kirby said:
“We have been operating as an internet station for over three years now, with the occasional temporary FM broadcast, but to have the chance to take part in this trial is by far the most exciting opportunity we have had so far and will enable us to offer our unique service to a wider audience. The Ofcom trial is a great idea and will make local DAB digital radio broadcasting viable for smaller ‘not for profit’ services like ours to serve our communities and create more choice for the listener.”

Station Manager of Angel Radio, Tony Smith said:
” Our new ANGELxtra service brings a unique choice for Portsmouth’s fans of all things vintage and retro. With this service, Angel Radio builds on its reputation as the home of pure nostalgia. We are proud to be working with our broadcasting partners to bring this exciting venture to the Portsmouth area.”

Managing Director of Mango Vibe, Robbie Harrison said:
“We’re really excited about this opportunity to bring a fresh new sound to Portsmouth. We also want to hear from local DJs who want to get involved, please get in touch with us at Mango Vibe.”

Chief Executive of Digital Radio UK, Ford Ennals said:
“Listeners in the Portsmouth area love digital radio with over 41% of radio listening being on a digital platform and with almost 52% of homes having a DAB radio.** These small scale DAB trials are very exciting as they encourage innovation and competition delivering six great new stations broadcast on DAB digital radio and encompassing stations from all sectors of the radio industry, including community, student and small local stations.

“Angel Radio have assembled a first-rate content line up for this nine month trial, incorporating the great range of services that small stations offer including music services, community services featuring talk and sport, and student radio. We would encourage listeners to re-tune their DAB radios to make sure that they can receive these new stations available to listeners in the City of Portsmouth.”


Notes to editors:
* Some radios that were manufactured before the year 2007 may require a Full autotune or Rest of World scan to find the services. On many radios this is done by simply holding down the autotune button for five or six seconds. Please refer to the radio instruction manual if this does not work.

** Data from RAJAR Q2 2015 Capital South Coast TSA (all services).

A placeholder for JAMM Radio is currently on-air, regular programming will commence in September.

A consumer website at has been established along with a Twitter feed (@SolentWireless) and Facebook page to promote the DAB digital radio trial broadcasts to Portsmouth.

Six great services on DAB digital radio in the Portsmouth area!
Six great services on DAB digital radio in the Portsmouth area!