Mango Vibe have today changed their name to Atmosphere.Radio. The name should change automatically as soon as you tune in to Mango Vibe (or any of the other services we’re broadcasting).

Atmosphere.Radio is still the home of dance music, they’ve simply changed their name to avoid confusion with soap, hair dressers, food and other items associated with the old name.

One thought on “Atmosphere.Radio”

  1. Hello! – I am just watching Arte.TVs interesting report on Angel Radio.
    – One question, maybe you can help me: The beautiful song, an oldie, played around 3:10 at the beginning of the film – who sang it? It is clearly not Dean Martin, and also not the Drifters, and also, I think, not Gale Storm. But who sang it? It kinda sounds like a mixture of The Drifters and Gale Storm in one song, but that is not possible. Maybe you can help me. – Thanks a lot!
    Best wishes from Munich, Germany. – Albrecht.

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