A progress update from us

It’s been nearly a month since we started broadcasting our new DAB digital radio services to the City of Portsmouth as part of an Ofcom trial. One of the objectives of this trial is to see how small scale broadcasters manage with technical side of DAB transmission.

Listeners may have noticed that Express FM on DAB has been a little quieter than other DAB services. We are pleased to report that today improvements have been made to the link from Express FM to our DAB transmitter which has resulted in the audio of Express FM being a similar level to our other services.

Listeners of The Flash may have noticed that over the last week there have been several outages to their DAB service over the last few days. We have replaced their encoder (a box which sends their audio from their studio to us) with a new encoder, which should improve reliability.

Finally, we hope that JAMM Radio will be able to finally commence DAB broadcasting within the next week.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments.

The Flash
The Flash