World’s first radio station for sleepy babies


Sleepyhead Radio is full of continuous soothing sounds from the home and nature that are designed to help a baby drift off to sleep. The sounds have all been beautifully recorded and were previously only available on CD or by download at

Now listeners in Portsmouth are the first to enjoy these soothing sounds just by tuning in via DAB+ Digital Radio.

Among the sounds are the gentle watery pulse of a dishwasher, the continuous whirr of a fan heater and a Hampshire garden alive with nature. Sleepyhead Radio also includes practical advice for new parents from the NCT, Britain’s largest charity for parents.

Sleepyhead Radio presenter Sam Oakley says:

“My Son George was the inspiration for these wonderful sounds. Whenever we turned on the tumble dryer he would go to sleep. Then a bright spark suggested we record the sound so we could just play it when ever we wanted.. without having to dry so much as a babygro! When other parents wanted a copy we produced a CD containing a range of soothing sounds. Now it’s lovely to be sharing them with listeners in Portsmouth and creating an oasis of calm for new parents in such a busy city”.

Sleepyhead Radio is initially only available in Portsmouth but if demand is high it could spread to other areas in a dreamy wave of national bliss.Sleepyhead Radio is operated by Angel Radio as a pop-up service for a limited time only. For engineers at multiplex operator Solent Wireless, it will also provide an opportunity to make assessments of different coding arrangements using natural atmospheres and white noise sounds which can be hard to code.

Sleepyhead Radio is broadcast in DAB+. This means radios that do not support DAB+ will be unable to find this service. As a guide, look for the DAB+ logo or green Digital Radio tick mark to be certain of a radio that supports DAB+.
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6 thoughts on “World’s first radio station for sleepy babies”

  1. Is this station available to stream online? I have used white noise to help me sleep/relax via YouTube for years, however the YouTube app does have its pitfalls unfortunately.

    Good luck with the station!

  2. Why is this service only available on DAB+? I have a DAB radio, as do a lot of people that joined DAB at its outset and cannot afford to buy a new one.

    1. Hello Melvin, this station is on DAB+, as are a lot of our other services. This enables us to broadcast many more services than would be traditionally possible, while allowing them to still broadcast in stereo. If we did not introduce DAB+ broadcasting then we would not have been able to launch sleepyhead radio.

      While it is a shame older DAB radios won’t be able to tune in, most radio sold in recent times can, including the majority of cars too. You can buy a DAB+ radio from as little as £20, just look for the DAB+ logo or green digital tick mark to be certain of a radio that has DAB+.

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