We launch on Wednesday 19th August

A short update from us. We have received the green light from the regulator Ofcom that they are happy with our test transmissions. We will officially launch our multiplex on Wednesday 19th August.


5 thoughts on “We launch on Wednesday 19th August”

  1. Reception report- good solid in car reception from the Clanfield turning on the A3, right along the A3M to the M27. Continuous reception along the M27 until Junction 9 (Fareham West, Whiteley), then patchy coverage until Junction 7 (Hedge End) where it finally gives up. Sounding good at 192kbps. If only the big mux operators could do this as well.

  2. Thanks for the report. Our services are 128kbps (except for the Information Channel, which is 64kbps), glad you like them.

  3. The only problem with reception that I encounter is when listening in my car within the city of Portsmouth outside an area within about 2 kilometers of the transmitter the signal is constantly breaking up. This does not happen outside the built up areas.

    The problem with my radio continues and I can’t listen to my usual stations including the BBC. Listening to these inane offerings is the opposite of widening choice

  5. Hi Geoffrey, sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you tried performing another autotune on your radio? Have you tried repositioning your radio and/or aerial? We have conducted tests around the Cosham area and services provided by the BBC and other commercial broadcasters should not be affected by our transmissions.

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