Test transmissions continue

Today we have recommenced test transmissions.

We are now broadcasting placeholders for our services ANGELxtra, Express FM, JAMM Radio, Mango Vibe, The Flash and 100% Triple Hits Radio. We are also broadcasting an Information Channel which will provide information about our broadcasts.

To tune in and listen to our test transmissions you’ll need to perform what is often called an ‘autotune’ on your radio. On many DAB digital¬†radio sets, to do this simply press the Autotune button on your set. On other radios this option may be found in the menu. Please refer to your manual if you are not sure how to do this.

Some older DAB digital radio sets, particularly those manufacturered before 2007 may not automatically find our stations during an autotune (or fast autotune). On older DAB digital radio sets you may need to perform a Full Autotune or what is called a Rest of World scan. To perform this, try holding down your autotune button for five or six seconds. If this does not work, consult your manual. Finally, if you are still unable to find our services, if you radio allows it, try a manual search for frequency 7D.

Our coverage area is the City of Portsmouth. It is highly unlikely there will be reliable coverage north of Portsdown Hill, however coverage may spill over to parts of Hayling Island and Gosport. We’d be interested to know where you can receive our services, please get in touch with us!

Because we are conducting test transmissions, broadcasts are liable to interruptions from time to time, please bear with us.

We hope to confirm our launch date soon.

Six great services coming soon!
Six great services coming soon!

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