Progress update

Sorry it has been a while since our last update. Over the last few months we’ve been busy working behind the scenes. While our transmission system has proven very reliable, there is always room for improvement, and that’s what we’ve been working on.

60s has now ceased broadcasting. However, we hope to have an announcement in the coming weeks about some new services coming to our digital radio service in Portsmouth.


2 thoughts on “Progress update”

  1. It was with great sadness that i witnessed the closure of Radio 60’s which i have to say i enjoyed.
    Sad to say, but it was the only station that played music i wanted to listen to.
    Please replace it with something similar, perhaps include the seventies decade as well.
    Portsmouth is crying out for a classic pop station and it seems terribly unfair, given the number of receivable stations available, that my generation are being sold short on that front.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your message. Sorry about the loss of 60s. Unfortunately we can’t force stations to come on-board. As you can see, even though we don’t have a 60s/70s station, we do try our very best to provide a wide range of radio stations.

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