May station line-up changes

This coming week will some changes to the station line-up on our Portsmouth DAB multiplex. We say goodbye to Cheesy FM and News Radio UK. You can continue listening to these stations online at and We wish these stations well. We maintain a flexible relationship with our services, so if a station wants to leave, we don’t force them to stay.

As a result of the departure of Cheesy FM, News Radio UK and Unforgettable Radio, we have the capacity to add new services to our Portsmouth DAB multiplex.

Back by popular demand, 60s is returning to DAB+ digital radio. The station relaunches at 9am on Saturday 20th May. Tune in for nothing but the fabulous Swinging 60s!


Another station returning to DAB+ digital radio is Sleepyhead Radio, a radio station of continuous soothing sounds from home and nature that are designed to help babies drift off to sleep.

There will also be three more stations launching this month on our multiplex, but as they have not made their arrival public yet, we don’t want to steal their thunder!

Finally, Gaydio will become a DAB+ service this week, it’ll result in an improvement to the sound quality, and the station being available in stereo. Older radios have difficulty receiving DAB+, so to ensure you can continue listening to Gaydio, make sure you have a DAB+ radio. Simply look for the DAB+ logo or green digital radio tick mark to be sure of a radio that supports DAB+.



Line-up changes

On Sunday 30th April, Unforgettable Radio will be leaving digital radio in Portsmouth. The station continues online, and we hope that they are able to return to digital radio some time in the future.

Eagle eyed readers, will have noticed that we recently advertised spare capacity on our multiplex, and we’re delighted to report we will be adding several stations during May. We’ll provide more details in due course.


Boost for local DAB as Bill receives Royal Assent


The Private Members’ Small-Scale DAB Bill received Royal Assent to pass into law as an Act of Parliament yesterday (27 April 2017), thereby providing the means for a huge expansion of local and community stations on DAB, marking an historic day for UK radio.

The Bill, officially known as the Broadcasting (Radio Multiplex Services) Bill 2016-17, is believed to be the first Private Members’ Broadcasting Bill to receive Royal Assent, and makes provision for the regulation of small-scale DAB multiplex services. Industry observers predict this could prompt an increase of over 1000 new commercial and community stations across the UK.

The Bill was introduced into Parliament by Kevin Foster MP who strongly supported the need for ultra-local commercial and community radio stations to have a path to DAB in a digital age. Completing all the parliamentary stages in both Houses, the Bill received its final reading in the Lords on 21 March.

Kevin Foster MP, said: ‘I am delighted that with Royal Assent today the Bill has become law, marking an exciting new era ahead for digital radio at a local level. It being passed in Norman French is perhaps a symbol of how it will allow the tradition of excellence in British local radio to continue and thrive on this most modern of platforms. I cannot wait to hearing the new listening choices this bill will bring to digital radio listeners across the country.’

The small-scale DAB approach was developed and pioneered by Ofcom engineer Rashid Mustapha and the first trial was launched in Brighton by Daniel Nathan of Brighton’s Juice 107.2.

Ford Ennals, CEO, Digital Radio UK, said: ‘This is a big day for radio and potentially the start of a new era for DAB offering an affordable path to digital for ultra-local commercial and community radio stations right across the UK. Our thanks to Kevin Foster MP for the first piece of broadcasting legislation prompted by an individual MP and to Rashid Mustapha of Ofcom and Daniel Nathan for their excellent pioneering work on the small-scale DAB technology .’

The Small-Scale DAB Bill will enable Government and Ofcom to create a regulatory regime for the licensing of local commercial and community radio stations on small-scale DAB multiplexes  across the UK.  Currently  there are 10 small-scale DAB multiplex trials in place with over 140 local stations on air in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Brighton, Aldershot, Bristol  and Norwich.

In September 2016, Ofcom published a report into the outcome of the trials and concluded that they had been ‘highly successful’ and that there is sufficient spectrum to support at least one small scale multiplex in most parts of the UK. [Source: Ofcom Small-scale DAB trials: Final report 2016, 26 Sept 2016. Full report].

The advent of additional local DAB capacity and the ability of local stations to broadcast affordably on DAB will lower the barriers to entry for small and new start-up commercial and community radio broadcasters and could mean an unprecedented level of radio innovation and creativity.

Ash Elford, Digital Development Manager, Angel Radio, who runs the small-scale multiplex in Portsmouth, said: ‘We are delighted that Royal Assent has been granted and look forward to supporting the roll out of a new wave of community and commercial stations. Small-scale DAB has allowed Angel Radio to expand its reach around the UK on DAB in a simple and cost effective way. In addition, the small-scale DAB multiplex we operate has enabled us to transmit other community and smaller commercial stations on DAB to Portsmouth. We are also innovating with our use of DAB+ and enhancing the listener experience through applications such as DAB Slideshow.’

Dean Kavanagh, Director, Switch Radio, operator of the small-scale DAB multiplex in Birmingham, said: ‘We’re obviously delighted that the Bill has received Royal Assent before dissolution. It’s fantastic news for the listening public, which will bring additional choice and variety to an already bustling medium. With the ever increasing percentage of digital listening, this news could not be better timed.’

David Duffy, Director,  Niocast Digital, who run Manchester’s small-scale DAB multiplex, said: ‘I am delighted that the commitment of all those involved in the DAB trials, operators and stations alike, has achieved so much in a relatively short time. This legislation will open the doors to a new era in radio – providing access to digital radio for new entrants and expanding listener choice.’

Progress update

Sorry it has been a while since our last update. Over the last few months we’ve been busy working behind the scenes. While our transmission system has proven very reliable, there is always room for improvement, and that’s what we’ve been working on.

60s has now ceased broadcasting. However, we hope to have an announcement in the coming weeks about some new services coming to our digital radio service in Portsmouth.


Two new stations on the way

Testing on DAB+ digital radio in the Portsmouth area are two new stations.

60s is a station dedicated to nothing other than music from the swinging 60s! Test transmissions currently taking place giving a taster of the music to come.

Totally Radio is one of the UK’s longest established internet radio stations, and will be soon be heard on DAB+ for the first time in Portsmouth. It showcases independent and non mainstream music presented by knowledgeable broadcasters. Currently the test channel is silent, but audio will appear in a few days time.

Quick station update

Sleepyhead radio has now reached the end of it’s pop-up broadcast on digital radio to the Portsmouth area. We hope to announce details of two new stations joining our DAB multiplex over the coming days.

World’s first radio station for sleepy babies


Sleepyhead Radio is full of continuous soothing sounds from the home and nature that are designed to help a baby drift off to sleep. The sounds have all been beautifully recorded and were previously only available on CD or by download at

Now listeners in Portsmouth are the first to enjoy these soothing sounds just by tuning in via DAB+ Digital Radio.

Among the sounds are the gentle watery pulse of a dishwasher, the continuous whirr of a fan heater and a Hampshire garden alive with nature. Sleepyhead Radio also includes practical advice for new parents from the NCT, Britain’s largest charity for parents.

Sleepyhead Radio presenter Sam Oakley says:

“My Son George was the inspiration for these wonderful sounds. Whenever we turned on the tumble dryer he would go to sleep. Then a bright spark suggested we record the sound so we could just play it when ever we wanted.. without having to dry so much as a babygro! When other parents wanted a copy we produced a CD containing a range of soothing sounds. Now it’s lovely to be sharing them with listeners in Portsmouth and creating an oasis of calm for new parents in such a busy city”.

Sleepyhead Radio is initially only available in Portsmouth but if demand is high it could spread to other areas in a dreamy wave of national bliss.Sleepyhead Radio is operated by Angel Radio as a pop-up service for a limited time only. For engineers at multiplex operator Solent Wireless, it will also provide an opportunity to make assessments of different coding arrangements using natural atmospheres and white noise sounds which can be hard to code.

Sleepyhead Radio is broadcast in DAB+. This means radios that do not support DAB+ will be unable to find this service. As a guide, look for the DAB+ logo or green Digital Radio tick mark to be certain of a radio that supports DAB+.
dabplus      DR_Tick_Eng_RGB


Update: We’re pleased to report services were back on air at 14:15.

We’re sorry to report that currently all of our DAB services are off-air. This is due to a fault with our transmitter. The fault is a major one, and we are working hard to rectify it. We expect services to be off air for at least the rest of the day. Please accept our apologies.

Unforgettable Radio offers listeners a jazzy and swinging Christmas

Unforgettable Radio, the not-for-profit Portsmouth community radio station playing the best in Crooners, Swingers and Cool Jazz 24/7, is going fully festive from Monday, 31st October and offering listeners a truly jazzy and swinging Christmas for 58 days.

The radio station will play festive favourites from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole and Doris Day. There will be Christmas jazz from Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck and Louis Armstrong, along with contemporary offerings from Diana Krall and Harry Connick Jnr.

Broadcasting to Portsmouth on DAB+, Unforgettable Radio launched quietly in June 2016 offering the people of Portsmouth a radio station dedicated to some of the greatest voices and lyrics from the finest crooners and swingers, plus cool jazz. The station broadcasts local information for the Portsmouth area.

It streams also online at and can be found on the TuneIn radio app.

Duncan Barkes, creator of Unforgettable Radio, said: “If you find yourself reaching for the sherry bottle when Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ comes on the radio for the umpteenth time, then our 24/7 jazzy and swinging festive offering is a classy alternative. The beauty of new DAB digital radio technology means more choice for discerning listeners. It might be early, but the cards and cakes are in the shops, and we want as many folk as possible to enjoy an Unforgettable Radio Christmas.”

Unforgettable Radio
Unforgettable Radio is broadcast in DAB+. This means radios that do not support DAB+ will be unable to find this service. As a guide, look for the DAB+ logo or green Digital Radio tick mark to be certain of a radio that supports DAB+.

dabplus      DR_Tick_Eng_RGB

The Flash goes DAB+ only from 2017

The Flash

Are you DAB+ ready? Local classic rock and blues station, The Flash, becomes a DAB+ only service from 2017. This means that older DAB digital radios will no longer be able to tune in to the station. Right now, we’re broadcasting The Flash in both classic DAB and DAB+.

If your radio supports DAB+, look for Flash + in your station list. If you can tune it in and hear audio – great! Your radio supports DAB+. If you can only see Flash in the station list or Flash + is silent, then unfortunately your radio is not DAB+ compatible.

The good news is that most in-car radios, and most modern digital radios are DAB+ compatible. Look for the DAB+ logo or green digital tick mark to be certain of a radio that supports DAB+.
dabplus     DR_Tick_Eng_RGB